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Restrictions on air shipments of merchandise

These are the restrictions on air shipments of merchandise
determined by the airlines and customs of each destination.



In Colombia there are some restrictions from MinTic to import celphones.

Our accounts executives will Support you with the requirements to ship cellphones.


Dangerous Merchandise

The following are some of the articles that can be frequently taken as risky merchandise because of their properties and reactions such as flammability, toxicity and contamination.



Acids, ACPM, adhesives, hydrogen peroxide, alcohols, air fresheners, ammonia, flavoring, extracts, chlorine, fuel, disinfectants, solvents, enamels, bleach, lacquer, cleaner, break fluid, coolant, menticol, methanol, nitrogen, perfumes, petroleum, paint, pesticide, toilet and / or chemical products, radioactive, resin, sealant



Powder aluminum, asphalt, sulfur, bitumen, calcium, activated carbon, carbide, explosives, matches, dry ice, magnet, fireworks, magnesium, raw materials, alkali metals, ammunition, radioactive, sodium substances.



Aerosols, butane, lighters, pepper and natural gas, petroleum gases, oxidizers, dispersants, tear gas, liquids, refrigerant gases, compressed oxygen, methane, propane.


Gadgets or equipment

Electric accumulators or batteries, air conditioning, ventilation devices with refrigerant gases or oils, oxygen bullet, life jacket, fire extinguishers, scythe, toys that work with batteries or batteries, refrigeration machines, internal combustion motorcycles, motorcycle parts that are contaminated gas or fuel, power plant, thermometers.


Forbidden articles

Tell us if your product match any of this type of merchandise, we will study the case to help you with the procedure. Conócenos