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International Logistics

We are an international logistics company, express parcel
and personalized advice on customs policy.


Make your international shipment with the most recognized carriers: FedEx, DHL and UPS


We reach more than 190 countries on seven (7) continents with more than 10 years of experience in logistics


We offer you the option adjust to your needs: time and rate. We manage all the documentation for the entry of the package in the destination country without setbacks.


We send and receive documents and packages to and from Colombia through imports and exports.


We send community shipments to vulnerable populations


Simplified procedures during the shipping and delivery of each package.

Personalize assessment in customs policy

How do we work?

The heavy work is on us!

⚠ ️Important ⚠️

For shipments from any city in Colombia other than Medellín, our OnLine Service is your alternative.

We promise the personalized collect of your package.  (click here for more information)

Our trajectory

A start

Envíos Market is born

The big desire" Help through the package delivery service from Colombia to the world. The method? Simple, cheaper and safe


A vision

"A business model" We created a personalized service business model and launched our customer service channels.


A conquest

"From dreams to conquests" Consolidation of the Project through schools that strategically supported: - Seed Capital - Scale and Mayor's Office of Medellín - F + I Connection Program. - Impulsum Capital and Route N - Strategic Market Shipping Plan (2019 - 2024) - Private Consultant Graciela Mijares


The need for changes

"Metamorphosis" New needs caused the change of our system. An achievement of pandemic adaptation: remote and home service. "Training" The changes are equivalent to the need for preparation: IOM, USAID, and Microenterprises of Colombia Program for Microentrepreneurs.


Envíos Market, is growing ...

"The expansion" New headquarters: Envigado and Rionegro. "More preparation" Participation in the Empodera call; led by Innpulsa, for training, growth and projection of our business.


Our services

Envíos Market gives you alternatives for your needs.
Get to know them!

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