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Frequently asked questions when making your international shipments, business shipments,

international removals or locker to USA

It is the physical transport of documents or packages from one country to another, passing through customs both when leaving the country and entering the destination.

Regulatory entity that finds your package upon arrival in the country where you sent it.

Determine if the shipment can enter the country and how much you will have to pay for taxes

Courier shipment = Urgent shipment  ⌛

It is a simplified procedure export

The exporter is the transportation Company, therefore, it does not require a large number of documents or customs agent for whoever sends.

From Colombia the shipments under USD 5000, can be handled as Courier

It is the insurance value of the package

The cost of the product sent, it is the for which the carrier in case of damage or loss must respond to you

⚠️ Important ⚠️

It is associated with 2 elements:

1. The insurance of your shipment

2. Customs will take this value to calculate the taxes that the receiver must pay

🤓 It is a simple formula in case of international carriers:

VW=(long x width x height)/ FC

Dimension expressed in cm
FC= Factor of conversión= 5000

We do the calculation with the mesurements and actual weigh of your shipments.

The carriers and customs consider only sheets of paper as documents

Items such as USB, CD’s or other merchandise are taken as packages

They are a kind of right for entry to the country of destination that your package must pay.

They represent a percentage of the value of your merchandise generally paid by the receiver.


It is determined by customs and is based on the Declared Value of your package, plus insurance and transportation to the destination.

⚠ Take into account:

Taxes differ in each country


The percentage to pay varies according to the merchandise


In addition to the tax, a cost is paid for the customs process (minimum charge)

In countries such as the United States, taxes are not paid for merchandise declared in less than USD 800

The real weight and the volumetric weight affect the cost of a shipment

⚖ Real Weight: it is the mesure that a scale give us

📦 Volumetric weight: is the weight of the package in relation to its dimensions.

⚠ The shipment fee is calculated from the biggest number between Real Weight and Volumetric weight

Why? 🤔

Here you have an example to illustrate:

An aircraft can be fill with 1 Ton of lead. But, to fill the same space with 1Ton of cotton, implies that it does not fit because it occupies a different volumen.

Necessarily, carriers must make this equivalence.

🇻🇪 We tell you the details to one of the frequently asked questions:

We can send: medicine, personal care products, food, documents, spare parts, toys, clothes and shoes.👕

The delivery time is 6 business days to: Caracas, Puerto La Cruz, Maracay, Valencia y Barquisimeto.

For other destinations it takes an additional time, the time taken by Zoom (National Carrier)

We send packages from 500g to boxes of 25kg. Ask for our rate table. 📦

Payments methods: Paypal, Zelle, Credit cards, Debit cards, Bancolombia transfers and cash. 💸

To ship to Venezuela you just require a copy of your ID documents.