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Mailbox USA

Plan Box – Virtual Locker in USA
Receive documents and packages in Colombia from the United States.

How does it work?

Virtual Locker

This is a service created so that you can receive documents and packages as if you were in the United States. We consolidate shipments weekly to bring them to Colombia and it is delivered directly to your address.

Important Notes

Hombre contento por contar con su casillero usa
Hombre contento por contar con su casillero usa


The shipping price is calculated in base of to the physical weight (pounds) or the volume that your package occupies.


Volumetric Weight

In case that the volume is greater than the physical weight, the payment calculation is carried out as follows:


Shipment data

Dimensions Length = Width = Height = 15 inches

Box weight = 4 pounds

PV en

The shipment weighs 4 pounds, but the volume is 20.33 Pounds.

The charge is made considering the highest result.

In this case, the calculation is based on the volumetric weight: 20,33 x USD 2,6 = USD 52,86



If you declare and insure your package for a value greater than USD 60, the insurance fee is 5% of the value of the package.


Additional charges


With Mailbox USA if you have not claimed your shipment within 15 calendar days from the date of arrival in Colombia, the cost per day will be 10,000 pesos per storage charge.

Some restrictions

Recibimos tu paquete en Estados Unidos

Terms and Conditions


By subscribing to Virtual Mailbox, You accept all the items contained in this document.

Resguardamos tus paquetes y te lo hacemos llegar a Colombia
Note: If the courier cannot deliver to the indicated address and must take it to a different address or for some reason beyond our control, effective delivery is not achieved, you must pay the additional cost for a second delivery attempt.